Community of Magic Pens

We’re living in pretty strange times with the shadow of COVID-19 looming over everyday life. As stressful as everything has been lately, with stay-at-home orders and timeline uncertainty, it seems like a great time to revel in fiction. So I’m especially happy to announce the release of Community of Magic Pens, Atthis Arts’ latest short fiction anthology!

Community of Magic Pens is filled with 40 stories which span a bunch of different genres, from fantasy and science fiction to alternate history and magical realism, all focused on the central theme of magical pens. My own little contribution to the collection is a short sci-fi piece about a lone terraformer bringing new life to a barren moon with her trusty stylus. If you think it might be up your alley, you can snag a copy for yourself from Atthis Arts or on Amazon.

Gunsmoke & Dragonfire

Gunsmoke & Dragonfire is finally out! It’s a hearty anthology of 25 fantasy Western stories which dabbles around in some other speculative genres, like science fiction, post-apocalyptic, and cattlepunk, too. This book’s a really special release for me, since my little tale is both the very first one in the collection and the story behind the cover art.


My tale, Inheritance, is of an encounter between a wandering gunslinger and a shopkeeping enchanter, briefly brought together by their late fathers’ past dealings. I wrote it after getting super inspired by the anthology’s title during its call for submissions, and was thrilled when Diane Morrison, Gunsmoke & Dragonfire’s wonderful editor, chose to include it in the book. You can snag a copy right now on Amazon or directly from Diane via Aradia Publishing!


JayHenge Publishing’s latest anthology, Unrealpolitik, has officially been released! I’ve been awaiting its debut for months after having my first deeply political story, Like Clockwork, accepted for the book. The tale mashes extremist politics and gladiatorial combat together in a fast and furious civicspunk romp.


Like Clockwork means a lot to me. It was an avenue for venting frustration with the ongoing Trumpian dumpster fire (and the terrible system which spawned it) when I first wrote it more than a year ago. It was something I really needed to write, and it feels great to finally have it out in the open in the midst of all of the current political craziness.

Unrealpolitik is stuffed with 37 stories, exploring all sorts of political themes through the lens of speculative fiction. If you want to escape the real world’s flurry of headlines for a while, hop on over to Amazon and grab yourself a copy.

Lucent Dreaming Interview

The lovely folks over at Lucent Dreaming (the creative writing magazine which recently published my magical realism story The Collection in their first issue) kindly reached out and asked if I would do an interview. I was super flattered, so I said yes and did my best! One of the questions also gave me the neat opportunity to shed some light on a few great resources for short fiction writers to try and find publishers for their work, something which tends to be a mystery to fledgling word-wranglers. You can check out the interview here!


dd1Fans of extreme brevity, rejoice! Drabbledark is nearly out. It’s an anthology of drabbles, stories told in exactly 100 words. There’s 101 stories from 86 writers with a bunch of variety; my little contribution is post-apocalyptic, but the themes of the pieces run the gamut from monsters and murders to stalkers and summonings. The sole common denominator is, as the title suggests, that the stories within are all quite dark.

Usually I wait until an official publication date to mention anything which includes my work, but Drabbledark’s a bit of a special case. Technically the book releases on the 20th, but the paperback version was made available slightly early to account for shipping times. You can find both with a quick hop over to Amazon.