Felis Futura

Like so many other writers, I love cats. They’re charming, independent miscreants, staking their territorial claims anywhere from the comfortable homes of their so-called owners to hard-won feral segments of the rough-and-tumble streets. So, when a call for submissions came along requesting speculative stories featuring cats in a variety of future settings, I knew I had to submit, and was delighted when my story got accepted.

Felis Futura cover - webIntroducing Felis Futura: An Anthology of Future Cats, CB Droege’s latest Manawaker Studio anthology! It’s a cozy kitten pile of stories, poems, and art from 40 cat-enamored contributors. My story, Auto Motive, is a short near future tale of an encounter between the AI inside a self-driving moving truck and an unexpected, curious guest inside its typically empty cabin. If a book filled with the future of nature’s adorable scoundrels is up your stray-cat-laden alley, you can snag a copy for yourself right now on Amazon.

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