Community of Magic Pens

Magic_PensWe’re living in pretty strange times with the shadow of COVID-19 looming over everyday life. As stressful as everything has been lately, with stay-at-home orders and timeline uncertainty, it seems like a great time to revel in fiction. So I’m especially happy to announce the release of Community of Magic Pens, Atthis Arts’ latest short fiction anthology!

Community of Magic Pens is filled with 40 stories which span a bunch of different genres, from fantasy and science fiction to alternate history and magical realism, all focused on the central theme of magical pens. My own little contribution to the collection is a short sci-fi piece about a lone terraformer bringing new life to a barren moon with her trusty stylus. If you think it might be up your alley, you can snag a copy for yourself from Atthis Arts or on Amazon.

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