Tales From OmniPark


After two Kickstarter campaigns and months of anticipation, Tales From OmniPark has finally been released! It’s the latest short fiction anthology from House Blackwood, and its folds contain 18 strange, wondrous stories from the titular theme park that might’ve been.

The original submissions call for the anthology was accompanied by a link to OmniPark Memories, a wiki which describes the various features and attractions of the mythical park in vivid detail. As a lifelong sci-fi fan I was drawn to the Realm of the Stars, and wrote That Which Skulks Among the Stars, a short sci-fi story with some cosmic vibes set within and behind the walls of OmniPark’s mock space station.

Tales From OmniPark is available in paperback on Amazon (which, for some reason, thinks it was published in January, despite its actual March release). You can snag a copy for yourself right here.

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