Tales of Ruma

Tales of Ruma is finally out! It’s a great collection of 17 short stories inspired by the myths and legends of ancient Rome, Greece, and Ruma, an original RPG setting created by the editor, Martin Greening. These stories come in all sorts of flavors; you’ll find tales of the gods, telepathic unicorns, giant elemental creatures, and gritty, bloody battles between mere mortals. I’m super honored to have been included as something of a new kid on the block alongside a bunch of really spectacular writers.


My story’s a brief battle scene titled From the Pan to the Flames. I wrote it specifically for Martin’s Ruma setting in the hopes of contributing to his fledgling world and was thrilled when he accepted it into the anthology. It was a magical experience to see and hold my work in print for the first time. My short story The Collection, appearing in Lucent Dreaming, was published first, but my copy of their debut issue took a bit of time to make the long journey across the pond.

The book is available in both paperback and Kindle editions on Amazon. You can also take a sneak peak at the first story in the book, The Question that Matters by Jody Lynn Nye, thanks to Amazon’s nifty Look Inside feature. If you want to get even more of an idea of what the anthology has to offer, Jonathan Ficke, another contributor, wrote up a great rundown of all of the stories over on his website.

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