The Collection

UPDATE – June 25th, 2018: The first issue of Lucent Dreaming is now available to read for free online! You can find the .pdf version of the issue right here.

It’s finally time for another elsewhere post! A short magical realism story of mine, The Collection, is now available in Issue 1 of Lucent Dreaming, a new creative writing magazine from the United Kingdom.

The Collection follows an ordinary guy who quickly finds himself surrounded with a bunch of eccentric performers. It’s my favorite story I’ve had published so far and was among the first pieces of short fiction I wrote, the first draft being written near the end of 2016. The Collection went through quite a few edits and submissions afterwards, since finding the perfect home for magical realism stories can be a little tricky. I was thrilled when the folks at Lucent Dreaming accepted it, and their editors were a tremendous help in making the story the best that it could be.

At some point The Collection will be available on Lucent Dreaming’s website. In the meantime, it’s exclusively found in the gorgeous print edition of their first issue. You can snag a copy for yourself here (unless you’re in Europe or the UK itself, in which case it’ll be even cheaper).

By the way, more stuff is coming! I’ve started listing pieces which have been accepted but not yet published in my bibliography with “Forthcoming” in lieu of a publication date. Feel free to swing by and sneak a peek at some upcoming titles.

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