Ethan Hedman is a speculative fiction writer from South Florida, the land of heat, humidity, and hurricanes. He conjures up new stories from his home in Cutler Bay.

More than anything else, Ethan adores getting lost in all sorts of creative entertainment. Books, movies, shows, and games are a huge part of his life. The joy of being absorbed in awesome stuff eventually inspired him to start creating works of his own. Ethan started writing short fiction in late 2016 and has a number of longer works-in-progress which have yet to see the light of day.

Writing aside, Ethan is a secular humanist who spends a great deal of time with an incredibly charming neighborhood cat named Thor. He also occasionally wreaks havoc on mechanized combatants with ELK Robotics, a local robot combat team.

Ethan’s full bibliography can be found here. He’s active on Twitter and Instagram, and his author pages can be found on Amazon and Goodreads.