I’ve got a website!

With what felt like the snap of a finger, I’ve become the proud owner of a custom domain name leading to a simple website. Welcome, one and all, to my virtual treehouse.

I’ve been on the fence about having a website for quite a while, but now that some of my writing is being shared with the world, the time finally came to pour the foundation for an online sanctuary that I can call home. It’s also a pretty tidy way for me to keep an organized list of what I manage to get published and where people can find it (which you can check out by clicking My Work up on the top of the screen).

This is just a little WordPress blog, but since I’m diving headfirst into unexplored territory with website ownership I feel a bit like an astronaut planting a flag on the moon. I’ll certainly be updating the site as more of my works are published, but there’s a pretty reasonable chance that other ramblings might wind up on here, too.

So, thanks for dropping in. I can’t offer you a complimentary mint and toothpick on the way out, but hopefully some of my stories will serve as a decent substitute.

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